How to play The Ultimate Beginner JAZZ Beat – Drum Lesson

How to play The Ultimate Beginner JAZZ Beat – Drum Lesson

Playing Jazz on drums can seem very difficult and overwhelming. But it doesn’t need to be. Once you learn to play this beat on drums, it will became a ‘go to beat’ which you can use time and time again. It’s the Jazz equivalent of the ‘Money Beat’ in the rock world. If you are new to playing Jazz, you’re gonna have so much fun. Be sure to watch the video and download the sheet music.

Ding ding a ding…

Now if you are new to the whole Jazz thing, let me tell you 2 words…

Ride Cymbal…

Its all about the ride cymbal.

Learn to master this pattern first.

When 1 became 2…

Now we are going to add the High Hat.

But wait…

We are using our left foot.

Yes, the left foot is going to play the high hat cymbal.

On counts 2 and 4.

Check out the rest…

To see how to play the rest of the Ultimate Jazz Beat for Beginners, check out the video lesson. And be sure to download the sheet music for the lesson.

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