How to play ‘The Hype’ – Twenty One Pilots – Drum Lesson

How to play ‘The Hype’ – Twenty One Pilots – Drum Lesson

Download the sheet music today, and learn to play this song much easier, just like 100s of our awesome students…

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“Great breakdown and helpful lesson. Really appreciate the sheet music too… Thanks!”

Serj IR

Great tutorials and sheet music for basically free (I mean, $2). Why the hell do you not have a lot more views and a lot more subscribers? This is better than almost all of the 500k plus subs channels out there ” 😐

FΓ©e Spirit 

“Hello again inspiring drummer, i paid with the way you have on your website, and really , waouh . What you prepared on these 2 pages , are absolutely super clear. It s 1st time i don t feel lost reading a drums chart. It made easyer to pratice each parts. I did it today. Merci beaucoup. I found the numerous punk patterns you prepared. I m really super happy to have discovered your yt & website. πŸ₯πŸŽΆπŸ€πŸ’ͺπŸ˜ŠπŸŽ‰. I send you my very best vibes from France.

harrison shindler 

Very helpful not only a good lesson but also helps me to learn sheet music” πŸ‘

Jorgen Hofmeester  

“Just downloaded your sheet music and it’s good!”

Gabriele Matthey

“Great how you took everything apart ! For me as a beginner ( with 62 years of age, smile), it is nice to see the notes as well, so I don*t get mixed up with knots in my arms and legs. Greetings from Paraguay and keep going”

The Main Beat

Now the all the beats are based on this idea.

A super cool 2 bar pattern

You have Accented 16th notes on the high hats.

Snare on the 2 and the 4.

A complicated bass drum pattern (slooow that one down for sure!)

The high hat opening in 2 separate positions. (Can you spot them?? In the first bar its the 3+ and the second bar its the 4+)

The Intro

The intro is really based on a 4 bar pattern

The first 2 bars is snare on 2 and 4 for the first bar and a half.

Then you have a surprising flam on the 3+

Then 2 extra beats on the snare

The next 2 bars is the same except…

There is 2 floor toms notes at the very end

Now at the very end of the intro there is a really cool ‘Josh Dun’ fill… Check it out…

Notice the 2 and a half beats of rest on the second bar

Then a snare drag on the 3+

Then tom-snare-floor tom. Classic Josh Dun

The Bridge

The bridge shows us a really interesting ride cymbal pattern that is worth learning.

To make learning the pattern easier its a good idea to slow this right down and clap out the rhythm.

Notice the rest on the count 3?

Also notice the accents on certain beats

The accents are played on the bell of the ride using the shoulder of the stick.

The non accents are played with the tip of the stick on the body of the ride.

Where to from here?

If you want to see all the parts for the lesson, check out the video or the sheet music linked.

If you want to really get ahead in your drumming, be sure to check out the online drum lessons we have available at DD Drums.

May your drumming get better and better every day.

All the best!

Dave Debono

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