How to play Nutbush on Drums – Drum Lesson

How to play Nutbush on Drums – Drum Lesson

This is a song that EVERYONE knows because of the dance routine. But I’m gonna suggest that this song is even more FUN to play on DRUMS. There is only 3 parts to learn in this song. I will admit that the 3rd part is a little tricky. Check out our simple lesson which will get you started.

The Intro

A really easy part.

Simple count 1 2 3 as silence.

But on the count 4 playing a flam on the snare

Main Beat #1

The classic 2 beat

Notice the 1 and 2 counts are just repeated over and over

Bass Snare Bass Snare etc

Main Beat #2

This is the trickiest of the parts

Notice there are 2 bars that are different

The 1st bar is the classic rock beat

The second bar is the tricky part

It helps to count 1 2+ 3 4+

Open the hats on the 1 and 3

Have FUN

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