How to play ‘IN BLOOM’ by Nirvana on Drums – Drum Lesson

How to play ‘IN BLOOM’ by Nirvana on Drums – Drum Lesson

I remember back in high school…
I had a friend who was a big fan of Nirvana
When I would visit his house, all we would do is watch videos of Nirvana!!
After that, we were all inspired to play music…
So we did what most young musicians did in the 90s
We started a Nirvana cover band
At the beginning it was just the 2 of us
And it stayed that way!
In fact, our only show was at the bottom of my friends driveway
Our audience consisted of cars driving by and disgruntled neighbors…
One things for sure
It was one of the most fun and memorable shows I have ever done!

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