How to massively improve your timing on drums – Drum Lesson

How to massively improve your timing on drums – Drum Lesson

Have you ever noticed that 2 drummers could be playing the exact same beat. But, they sound completely different. One drummer could make it sound ‘toe tappingly’ amazing where you want to get up, move or even dance. While when another drummer plays the exact same beat you think ‘keep it steady fella, keep it steady’.

So, the old clich√© is this: ‘Its not what you play, but how you play it’.

So how can we take what we play and help make it sound awesome, like a Pro?

Well there are a few factors…

But, the most important factor is… (Drum Roll please…)

Having really great timing…

To see how you can develop great timing, check out the video.


If you haven’t already, make sure you get yourself a metronome. The easiest way currently is through an App. Once you have it set, its time to practice with it to get you playing like a PRO.

The Classic Quarter Notes

This is the way to start playing with a metronome.

Just put the quarter notes on at a moderate tempo (60-80 bpm).

Practice away.

But notice if you are landing your notes with the beep. That’s what you want!

Or are you speeding up?

Or slowing down?

That’s not what you want…

It can take practice, but work on getting your playing steady!

Where to from here?

Be sure to watch the video, as it will show you 5 ways to use a metronome and give clear examples of each.

DD Drums Beginner Series

Are you wanting to learn the drums?

Do you feel lost with the overwhelming amount of drumming information online?

Would you like to make sure you learn the most important things on drums?

If you answered yes to any of the above, check out our online lessons that will be sure to take your drumming to the next level

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