How to Hold The Drumsticks Correctly – Drum Lesson

How to Hold The Drumsticks Correctly – Drum Lesson

Over the 20 years I have invested in teaching the drums, I have noticed a pattern that shows up time and time again.

Drummers that go onto develop great technique and have a lot of speed in their playing all do one thing in common. They all pay attention to how they hold the drum sticks.

On the other hand, those that struggle with the area of technique and don’t really build the speed that their after, are usually the ones that glossed over what I’m about to show you…

The 6 Steps to holding the drum sticks correctly… (Checklist)

1) Build a fulcrum

Use your thumb and index finger for this.

This allows the stick to move in a seesaw action within the hand.

2) Wrap the other 3 fingers around stick

Be sure to relax grip

3) Have stick go down hand

But, dont twist the wrist.

4) Relax the grip

Dont squeeze the stick.

5) Find the balance point

This is where you get the most bounce from the stick (see video)

6) Relax arms and shoulders

Keep the arms and shoulders relaxed and tension free.

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