How to Develop Fast Hand Speed – Drum Lesson

How to Develop Fast Hand Speed – Drum Lesson

Speed is something that all drummers want to create.
In this lesson you are going to learn the 3 steps to creating fast hand speed.
You will also learn 2 BONUS tips that will help you on your journey for fast hands.

The 3 Steps of the ‘Formula’

To develop speed, be sure to practise with these 3 things in mind.

Technique: The first thing to work on is creating really good technique. The fulcrum is the most important thing. This means the thums and the index finger are creating a pivot point for the stick to move. Beyond that, try to work on being relaxed so the muscles don’t ‘lock up’. You want to move, not be stiff.

Time: Having smoothness in your playing is essential for creating speed. To create this, be sure to work with a metronome so your hands work in a smoother motion.

Endurance: If you only practise for 10-30 seconds on a pattern, your hands wont really have enough time to ‘absorb’ the pattern. But if you be patient and practise a pattern between 1 – 5 minutes, then the mind and muscles really get used to it. Also, most importantly, the body finds a way of moving in a really efficient manner.

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