Since 1999, David Debono has helped over 1000 drummers, aged 5 to 70, ranging from beginner to advanced take their drum playing NEXT LEVEL.
Now it’s your turn!
Join over 1000 students who have gone NEXT LEVEL with this unique drumset education platform.

With constant waiting list of students lining up for private lessons with Dave, he decided to create a platform where he could help teach everyone. DD Drums is the online lessons platform for drummers of all levels.

Beginner players: You will find everything you need to know to get started and get a good handle of the instrument. With lessons structured, simple and engaging, you will never be lost on what to do or what to do next.

Intermediate players: This is where we really start to get moving. Learn to play what really matters the most in drumming without getting distracted by things that sound cool but rarely get used.

Advanced players: And... This is where we really take things next level...

So, don't drown in all the 'sea' of information on the web that will have you dabbling at everything, but mastering nothing. DD Drums is the online drumming platform where you will learn to play what matters the most!

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Who is David Debono

Dave Debono started playing the drums at the age of 5 years old when he found a passion for making music. While listening to bands like Guns n Roses and Def Leppard (and drummers like Dave Weckl) he was inspired even more. He began studying with a few local teachers and practiced until the neighbors complained or the local police showed up. But that would not stop him. Over the years he continued his development, studying with some great drummers, whilst also completing a Bachelor of Music and a Diploma of Education. Today he continues to play live with many artist including 'Valarie' who is signed with Sony Records. Since 1999 he has owned and operated his own music school, 'Dave'sDrum School'. Dave has a constant and never-ending passion and commitment for helping other drummers improve and get results. Since then he has literally helped over 1000 drummers go NEXT level. With a constant demand from students who are wanting to learn from Dave, he has now released an online platform to assist drummers of all levels to develop their playing.


  • Step-by-Step system:

    Improve your drumming beat by beat. You will never get lost. The DD Drum system is designed to help you go to the next level.

  • Learn what Matters:

    At DD Drums you will learn to ‘master’ what matters in drumming, and avoid the time wasting trap of ‘dabbling’ in the sea of information.

  • Learn Different Styles:

    Pick your favorite style from our library of lessons are start learning right away. Rock, Funk, Punk, Dance, Pop, Jazz and much more available.

  • Play along Video Lessons:

    The lessons are made so you can play along, not simply sit and watch.

  • Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced:

    No matter what level you are currently at, we got you covered.

  • Learn from David Debono:

    A very sought after and passionate drum educator who has taught over 1000 students and helped them go next level, now it’s your turn!

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