8 Must Learn Linear Patterns – Drum Lesson

8 Must Learn Linear Patterns – Drum Lesson

In todays lesson you are going to learn 8 of the most important linear patterns. The truth is, I wish I had learn this information earlier. It would have made my drum fills way more exciting, instead of being stuck using the same old patterns. So if you are wanting to really expand your drumming vocabulary and get a really tasty way of playing fills, you have come to the right place.

Lets get started…


An awesome sounding fill

Accent the right hand

Make the 2 left hands ghost notes on the snare drum.


Probably the most popular linear pattern

Right, Left, Kick

Simple as that

The hands can be accented

The hands can be moved around the kit


An interesting pattern

Move the right hand around the kit as an accent

The 2 left hands can be ghost notes on the snare drum

Add the kick and you have a tasty fill


I’m sure you have heard this one before

A simple idea, in theory

But like all ideas will take practise

Right and Left hands can be accented and moved around the snare and toms

Add 2 Kicks and you have an awesome sounding pattern


Easily the trickiest pattern out of the bunch

What? A group of 5…


Accent the right hand (can be played on different drums)

2 left hands can be played as ghost notes on the snare

And then finish with 2 kick drums


Right Left Right played as accents

Yes, move them around the kit

Add 2 kick drums


A group of 6

Right, Left, Right played as accents around the kit

Add 2 left hands as ghost notes on the snare

Finish with a kick


A very popular linear pattern

Right Left Right Left played as accents, played around the kit

Add 2 kicks

BOOM! A great pattern to play

Where to from here?

If you want to hear and see all the parts for the lesson, check out the video.

If you want to really get ahead in your drumming, be sure to check out the online drum lessons we have available at DD Drums.

May your drumming get better and better every day.

All the best!

Dave Debono

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