5 Must Learn Punk Rock Fills for Beginners – Drum Lesson

5 Must Learn Punk Rock Fills for Beginners – Drum Lesson

Howdy awesome drummers. Chances are if your reading this you absolute love punk rock music. Awesome. So do I. It’s one of the most fun, fast and energetic styles of music to play, especially on drums.

Personally, I became a fan of punk rock back in the 90’s era, when bands like NOFX, Strung Out and Lagwagon were the kings of the punk rock scene. I still remember trying to work out all the drum parts the drummers were playing.

Interestingly, the drum beats mostly came down to 3 or 4 beats they would use over and over, at a million miles per hour. This I could figure out.

The part I sometimes really struggled with was the fills. So I went to my drum teacher at the time and he helped me to get started on learning and figuring out some fills that would really work.

This lesson is about returning the favour and passing some of this information on. Be sure to check out the video, and if you really want to master these ideas, go ahead and download the lesson sheet.

Fill #1

It all starts here with this fill.

The snare drum is a great place to start with fills.

This time we are playing 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + all on the snare.

Yes, we are using the single stroke roll throughout (RLRL)

A great simple fill that works every time.

Fill #2

This fill is based on fill #1

The difference is we add the tom !.

The 1 + 2 + is on the snare

The 3 + 4 + is on the tom 1

Overall, a simple but awesome sounding fill.

Where to from here?

To check out all 5 fills be sure to watch the video lesson and download the FREE lesson sheet.

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