5 Bass Drum Exercises to develop Speed, Power and Control – Drum Lesson

5 Bass Drum Exercises to develop Speed, Power and Control – Drum Lesson

What is one of the mistakes that many drummers (myself included) have made?

Working on developing really fast hands!


Not developing the feet…

I mean, could you imagine a bodybuilder going to the gym every day and all they ever work out is their upper body? Their arms and chest would be HUGE!

But their legs would be…..small and wimpy

So drummers, we have a solution.

Here are 5 killer bass drum exercises.

If you practise these you will start to develop speed and control like never before…

Have Fun!

Exercise #1

As you can see, its a very simple pattern.

Right – Left – Kick – Kick

This sounds awesome at high speeds.

Its also great to develop your doubles on the kick

Exercise #2

This bass drum exercise was taken from the late great Joe Morello

Its a 4 bar pattern

Each bar is different and gets progressively more challenging

Be sure to add a High Hat on the 1,2,3,4

Good luck with bars 3 and 4

Where to from here?

Be sure to watch the lesson video for all 5 exercises..

And download our Lesson PDF so you learn to practise and master all 5 exercises.

This will get your bass drum playing super fast.

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