10 Punk Fills from 10 Punk Drummers – Drum Lesson

10 Punk Fills from 10 Punk Drummers – Drum Lesson

In todays lesson we are going to dive in and check out what some of the top 10 punk drummers have used for their drum fills. In an earlier lesson, we checked out 10 punk beats from 10 punk drummers. Now its time for the fills. For examples on each fill check out the video. And if you want to practise the fills, be sure to download the lesson sheet. Good luck!

Cyrus Bolooki – New Found Glory – My Friends Over You

This is a really simple fill

A great one to start with

Its really based on 4 notes

Snare – Tom – Floor Tom – Snare

Tre Cool – Green Day – Basket Case

Talk about a hectic fills to start of a song

Probably one of Tre’s signature sounding fills

Dave Raun – Lagwagon – May 16

Wow, what a legendary fill!

Simple, but played at a blisteringly fast pace

Played between the snare and tom, except the last 2 notes which are played on the floor tom.

Want to see the rest of them?

If you want to see all 10 Punk Fills, download the FREE sheet music for this lesson. Or simply watch the video!

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